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Hello and thankyou for visiting my web page, Hairy Poppins Dog Walking & Microchipping Service.


Let me tell you a little about myself.....




I have been around animals for most of my life. As a child we had dogs and I have also grew up around Cats, Rodents, Rabbits and Guinepigs.


In 1998 I visited the NCDL (now know as Dogs Trust) where I met Snoopy. She was 4 months old and that's where our life together begun. We spent almost 17 years together and I'm sure we would have had more fabulous years together if kindney failure hadn't taken hold of her.


x'Gone but never forgotten'x


Some time after loosing Snoopy I was contacted by 'Bianca Filip Adoptions Rescue' asking if I could take in and foster an old boy called Blacky. His elderly owner had passed away and sadly no one wanted him and as a result he spent his time in a yard with only a kennel to call home in the thick of the snow.


I could n't say no, he wasn't a young dog, he was 12 years old and he reminded me of Snoopy x

Blacky spent the rest of his days with me and my family but due to a tumur, a year later I had to let him go when the time came.




Soon after fostering Blacky along came another plee for help and as a result I offered to foster NINI after seeing what a sorry state she had been found in. Nini was found in a small village in Bulgeria full of flee's, skinny and almost on her last legs.

Nini was a little fighter and soon someone offered to adopt her....how could I let her go before i'd even met her! ..... I adopted her :)







A couple of months after loosing Blacky and just over a year after adopting Nini another plee came in...this time for a dog called Daisy who was born in the woods of Romania and lived there for most part of her young life with her brother (they were inseparable) until she was captured by the dog catchers. She was taken from the 'kill shelter' by someone who used her as a yard dog but for whatever reason she ended up back in the shelter where she soon became depressed and looked so sad.


Same story as Nini's, we soon fell in love with Daisy and adopted her. I have to say we have never regretted adopting, there's something special you feel when you know you've saved a life x






This is me doing the London to Paris bike ride (Sept 2014) in aid of 'NOWZAD' animal rescue in Afganistan .


I currently donate monthly to a local Nottingham lady who has recently given up her life to move to Bulgeria to rescue, reabilitate and and adopt out stray dogs and cats. I also donate to another dog rescue on a monthly basis, I couldnt do this if it wasn't for my customers :)






Apart from having dogs in my life, I have also grown up around cats, rotants, rabbits and hamsters and therefore I have experience caring for many varioations of animals. (I love all animals)






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