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Hairy Poppins

Services & Prices


If you don't see a service you require please get in touch with your requirements

30 Minute Walk £7

45 Minute Walk £8.50

60 Minute Walk £10

90 Minute Walk £15

Fresh Air Break


I also offer a 'fresh air ' service where I will come and let your dog out for a comfort break and serve their breakfast/lunch/dinner if required. I will also care for you caged fury friends which includes cleaning out their living quarters and feeding. (Cat visits please see below).


Price £5 based on a 15 minute visit or same prices for duration based on a walk duration.



Microchipping(with Petlog registration included)

Please note: There may be cheaper microchippers out there but many do not include Petlog Registration which is £15 alone to register. A microchip is only any good if it has been registered!


I will visit your home to carry out the microchipping for ease to yourself and comfort for you pet.


Price £15 which includes Petlog registration (registered my myself on same day as microchipping) and for dogs a tag stating microchipped with petlogs contact number.


Benefits of microchipping with Petlog

Petlog is the UK's largest database for lost and found services, thereby increasing your chances of finding your pet, should it go missing;

Record your pet and personal details instantly and also reunite a missing pet with their owner with the click of a button, saving you time and money but most importantly reuniting missing pets with their owners ;

Smartphone app to send alerts to vets and local authorities in your area, should your pet go missing;

The Petlog reunification service is available 24/7 365 days a year and based in the UK.

Petlog is part of a European network of databases, which includes 32 databases working together giving your customers the best chance of finding their pets wherever they are lost even in another country.



Cat Visits


I will happily feed, admisnister medication, groom and clean their litter trays if required (please get in touch if i've missed something).


Price £7 based on 1 visit (30 minutes)

Price £10 based on 2 visits per day (30 minutes per visit).

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